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My little Hetalia-stamp collection: (I will rearrange the rest of the stamps later on... more is coming :3)

Denny stamp by Aka-DenSuFreakI'm a Denmark lover by APH-StampsAPH Denmark Stamp by megumimaruidesuNeko Denmark STAMP *Request* by mangakid14Norway Stamp by WhiteShadow234Norway :heart: by Rikiku321APH-Something Shocking: Norway is Actually Kind by LibraKHetalia Snow - Stamp by Nami-DA'Baby' Russia ~ by Tea-StrawberrySweden stamp -ignore- by WhiteKanaI Love Sweden - Hetalia Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingFinland-kun stamp by Quiss[SP] Finland Stamp by WhiteShadow234APH-Finland stamp by TokisAPH: France by bubblymilkteaAPH - St Valentine FRANCE by MiharaEmikoI Love France - Hetalia Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingAPH France Stamp by megumimaruidesuEstonia Stamp~ by SweetlyCanada[SP] Estonia Stamp by WhiteShadow234America stamp by Naru-Nisa2p America Stamp by Katttty920Italy - Stamp by ArgentinaAPHDance Poland Dance by AlClairUkraine Stamp by WhiteShadow234Hetalia Girls Love Stamp by LiacatLet me squish that cutie pie ... by Tea-Strawberryhungary :D by conexionmangaAPH :: L'Oreal Stamp by u-sagi-Iggy Pocky Stamp- by WrenAgainAPH - Nordic Stamp by GabbiAPH-Allied Forces stamp by TokisNyo!Allies Fan by ChokorettoMilkuAPH: Denmark x Finland Stamp by StampillaDiChocolatAPH: Berwald x Tino Stamp by ChibikaedeRussia x America Stamp by EspoirelleAPH: Ludwig x Feliciano Stamp by ChibikaedeHeteroTalia Stamp: SwedenxUkraine by BlueStorm-StudioAPH: Turkraine stamp by Melodic-EnigmaSuFin Stamp by puchidebiruKeep Calm and Ship Fruk by ChokorettoMilkuAPH: Entente Cordiale Stamp by StampillaDiChocolatDenSu OTP Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingKeep Calm and Ship SuFin by ChokorettoMilkuUSUK Isn't My Thing by ChokorettoMilkuStamp: This just pisses me off. by Catthylove


Alrightie... Here we go. And as you might already know, I don't add the rules 'cuz I don't like rules.

I got tagged by :icondreamalittledaydream: & :iconhowl99: ^^

So, :icondreamalittledaydream:'s tag is a song tag, simple: name as many songs as many you have letters in your first name. Here we go.

H-  Hell Frozen Rain (Silent Hill: Shattered Memories OST) by Akira Yamaoka & Mary Elizabeth McGlynn 
(Silent Hill's twisted world is something I haven't found a way out in... almost six years. Not that I would be looking for it, though. This song belongs to the category 'I have no idea why I love this so much... Play it once more, will you? :3', so... Music speaks for me.)

E- Élan by Nightwish 
(First, I didn't get in this song when  it was published as a single. But man, when I got Endless Forms Most Beautiful in my hands, pure love since then.)

I- I Don't Like the Drugs (But the Drugs Like Me) by Marilyn Manson  
(Marilyn is an awesome artist who surely has smart thoughts. He is a genius, I say. This song is both catchy and its lyrics are excellent.)

D- Dawkins' Suite (Beyond: Two Souls OST) by Lorne Balfe 
(Beyond is a magnificent tale. Its soundtrack is another story itself.)

I- OkI Kumas Adventure by Machinae Supremacy 
(MaSu makes legendary songs... It's really hard to decide which one is my absolute favorite. Flagcarrier, Dark City, All of My Angels, A View from the End of the World, Persona, One Day in the Universe, Ghost (Beneath the Surface), Kings of the Scene, The Great Gianna Sisters, Perfect Dark... The list goes on and on. Oki Kumas Adventure is something that's meant to be listened in the noon, when walking in the middle of a empty road, only the Moon lighting the path up ahead. That's what I prefer, at least:heart:)

Okay, that's about that tag. Let's see... The next one.

13 facts about me? Naaah, I've told enough about myself. And 13 interesting facts... That's gonna take forever. Skip! Let's start with the questions, shall we?

1: Do you like waffles~?
With enough jam and/or cream? Hell yes, I do.

2: Do you like creepypasta? 
I... find them boring. Most of the creepypastas I have read/listened followed the same storyline, so... They're pretty predictable. I like psychological horror, something that really gets under your skin and you can't rip it off with pictures of cute animals. (That's what only cowards do, I say... If you watch/read/play horror-related things, you should know that they might make you feel uneasy, and accept that. It's the thing, y'know?) 

3: If so, who's your favorite creep?
Can I say Albert Wesker? :3 Can I?

4: Do you like Hollywood Undead?
Can't say, I haven't listen their music. Probably won't listen anyways. Maybe, if someone links some good songs. I'm open for new bands. 

5:Autobots or Decepticons?
I don't like Transformers, sorry. Michael Bay's movies are something I try to avoid. So, neither.

6: Do you feel awesome?
Kind of ^^ Tired, more so. But whenever I'm driving my babe (my car), I definitely do:heart:

7: Nothing is true, Everything is...?
Nothing is true, everything is just an illusion your little ego puts up in order to shield you from the greater consciousness and universe. By everything I mean rush, time, expectations and the meaning of everything. Clear?  

8: Xbox or Playstation?
Playstation. I have PS2 and PS4 and even my new phone is made by Sony :3 Xbox has good controllers, though. But so has PS4.

9: Do you like transformers?
-- Answer above.

10: If not... Then do you like bionicle?
Naaaaaaah. Never tried out and probably won't.

11: What nationality are you?
A Finn. Wish to be an Australian.

12: Do you see the rest of your fandom or fandoms as family?
In case of Hetalia, yes. I haven't encountered any maniacs this far.

13: What is your favorite song?
Currently... This:heart: 

Hmm. I would like to tag :iconalbertweskersghost:, but I guess he's very busy... I would have asked how he's doing.

Anyways, thanks for the tags. A new fic is coming in this week! See you then! Take care~ :3
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  • Listening to: Marilyn Manson - Working Class Hero
  • Reading: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
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  • Playing: DMC4: Special Edition & The Last of Us Remastered


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Hello there! ^^  Heidi // 18 // female // a Finn

NOTE: Mother of God... by SweetheartedSadistready to think? by torinarowen

Finnish language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuyUSA Language Level stamp3 by Faeth-designSwedish Language Level stamp2 by Faeth-designItalian language level by kailafoxxplzRussian 3 by Faeth-design

Bisexual Stamp by sunbirdsLove stamp by sequelle:thumb244259175:Atheist Stamp by KoRn-sTaR60291The Most Real Things by Flamongirl13Writer stamp by WhiteKimahriI Love The Night by TheLoveTrainGamer Girl Stamp by GabbyWonkaStamp: Joy by delusional-dreams'Biohazardous Art' - STAMP by Resident-evil-STARSRegret by OurHandOfSorrowAround Friends Stamp by SparkLummOBSCENE Stamp by SanguineEpitaphChange by AlexHarukoStamp: Shipping real people crosses the line. by CatthyloveCapricorn stamp by ParamourxLightsAquarius stamp by ParamourxLights(Yes, I'm partly Capricorn and partly Aquarius since my birthday is in the 18th of January, (Capricorn/Aquarius-cusp, if you know something about astrology this might tell a bit more) ... so, I have features from both signs. It's like... reading the sun sign for both Capricorn and Aquarius. So yeah, the birthday DA shows is incorrect, but hence I can't fix it... Well.)


Luck stamp by dazza1008Anti-ES stamp by JeniakDark and Girly Stamp by StampMakerLKJLearn Your Lingo Already by endlerBe Unique Stamp by GoodiesForYouFandom Respect stamp by LordPendragonOfCariaIt's Not Just Installed Into Kids by endlerI heart HORROR games by RebiValeskaI really do too .u. by RebiValeskaLet me hear you say it by RebiValeskaPeople =/= Teeth by MedusaArtNot a misanthrope by Kairi96-ZBipolarity stamp by HappyStampStamp: Public Idiocy by ChibiZexion-VIStamp: Sarcasm by ChibiZexion-VI[STAMP] My Identity My Choices by EmfenGiggle at Gore Stamp by maranight::Insomniac Stamp:: by Sora05Carpe Noctem by skinnyveestampBeing EVIL stamp by lapis-lazuriMy Respect by i-stampDifferent by i-stampAnxiety is NOT a Joke Stamp by lesbian-mermaidYOUR BONER IS A SIN!!!!1111one by kumanoyumeSchizophrenia is NOT a Joke Stamp by lesbian-mermaidFavorite Character Stamp 2 by Stamp221Anti-Misandry by Mintaka-TKboo fackin hoo by KATZENSAFTIt's really useless in 1st World countries. by World-Hero21Think Outside The Box Stamp by AbfcSo...So... SHINY by de-MoteEmotional Rollercoaster Stamp by ladieofficalI Hate Tumblr Social Justice Stamp by animeninjaNIPPONStamp Tarot lover by MiaErrianIrielynnLULZ Theory by PersnicketeseSpirituality. by NestharonSpiritual Awareness stamp by deviantStampsHuman rights (RANT WARNING) by JadedMasochist


Bernadotte faces by EttelwenPip Stamp 2 by SecretKarmaSerenadeKiller Smile by nekomataonnaStamp Hellsing by Dirty-Dreamskuroshitsuji stamp by xSYNNcereI serve Ciel Stamp by ReverieSummonerErgo proxy stamp by JillValentine89Re-L stamp by JillValentine89Free! Op|Stamp by Luu-ElricFree! Stamp -  Haru by LaraLeeLHaruka Nanase - Ending Dance by NileyJoyrus14Rei stamp by SuperpluplushMGS? by BluejotainMetal Gear Rising [STAMP] by lonewinedMetal Gear by Stampernaut..:Otacon Stamp:.. by Sologirl-377Liquid Snake Stamp by MetalShadowOverlordmeryl by HavokPandaMGS: Shadow Moses by IceVallejoSmarter than morso Stamp by JakironSTAMP - Laeppavika by Taibu-KettuRaumoogle Stamp by HoitajaDante Stamp by Captain-AlbertWeskerDevil May Cry stamp by Kenchodante fan stamp by soulshinigamiDante Stamp by SilentImageryLife is Strange stamp by OoBloodyRavenoOUntildawn stamp by paranormalqueenJosh stamp[until dawn] by paranormalqueenjak and daxter stamp by DaishokinLast Of Us Tess Stamp by angelbebop8The Last Of Us Stamp by angelbebop8Beyond by ArthokTMJodie Stamp by ValeryaSakuFatal Frame 3 by ByoWT1125-Stamp: Silent Hill- by Nega-LaraStamp STAAAAAARSsss by theEyZmaster


kiroileva siili stamp by zugaikotsuimPutous by kalmistoPerkele by Skuld-Youngest-NornPasila - Routalempi stamp 2 by nezukuroTaikamiees! by ironychocolateJustimusfilms Stamp by evil-kaiku
the rum is gone... by soulshinigamiJar of Dirt Stamp by hatenaki-yumePirates Of The Caribbean Stamp by nirmanPirates of the Caribbean stamp by angelasamshiPaulo Coelho - stamp by yamimoAnother Batman Stamp by DaRk-StampsArrow Stamp by TwilightProwlerStamp: ASMR by 8manderz8Portrait - Richard Dawkins by rthr-xNurse Joker by Sardonicus-SmilesThe Joker by CyntendoJoker 02 - Stamp by JayneLionsChristian Bale... by CyntendoTeam Joker by RikusShadowJokerXHarley Stamp by GreenpandagirlThe Amazing Atheist - Stamp by Ghost-of-Nobody

Resident Evil is simply awesome... Let's have a stamp spam for that!
Resident Evil Stamp by doublehelix1033Leon and the Butterfly Stamp by angelbebop8Claire Redfield fan II by QuidxProxQuoleon stamp by HavokPandaResident Evil Revelations Stamp - Parker Luciani by ShiningRayWolfLeon Kennedy Stamp by Lovesick-DreamerResident Evil Stamp V by violet-wavesResident Evil 5 Stamp by ditto9Valenfield:1:stamp by ChrisXJill-LovePiers Nivans stamp by yuuki-rinChris Redfield x Sheva Alomar by QuidxProxQuoSheva Stamp by ShevaXChrisChris Redfield Stamp by angelbebop8Angela Miller -2- by QuidxProxQuoLeon x Angela by QuidxProxQuoClaire in action RE M 3d by Claire-Wesker1Barry Burton Stamp 01 by LegendaryDragon90Jake Muller stamp by VickyxRedfieldPenchant for Evil by blazer87Jill Valentine - Stamp 8 by Miss--ValentineLeon Scott Kennedy Fan Stamp by JailboticusSteve Burnside by QuidxProxQuoLeon and Claire stamp by VickyxRedfieldSvetlana Belikova Stamp by Aletheiia90

For the love of everything twisted and gore, Silent Hill-spam!<3

Stamp Silent Hill by SevenCynSilent Hill 2 Noisy Hill James by CubehouseSilent Hill 3 Stamp by LadyYukirinSilent Hill Downpour Stamp by angelbebop8Pyramid Head Vertical Stamp by kyphoscoliosisSilent Hill Homecoming Stamp by NevanAnxaSilent Hill stamp for DYDKT4 by LordPendragonOfCariaSilent Hill 4 Stamp by LadyYukirinI'm A Pendleton Fan! by Anna-PendletonNot Your Mary Stamp by angelbebop8Murphy Pendleton Stamp by angelbebop8Silent Hill 4 - NIGHTMARES by PixAlchemistSH-STAMP: Pyramid Heads Lament by Morbid-MoppetIT HAD TO BE SAID SOMETIME. by xXPreludeXxheather stamp by HavokPandaI'm Scared of... by xXDark-ZaatiXxJames Sunderland by DeadCatStampsSilent Hill 2 Noisy Hill Maria by CubehouseEllo Heather Stamp by angelbebop8O BB Nurse Stamp by Lukael-Arthello nurse by HavokPandaClaudia eats babies. by KoopastampsToluca Lake Stamp by angelbebop8Silent Hill stamp 1 by nanakiff7Restless Stamp by angelbebop8

And by last but not the least, music stamps!<3

COBHC by old-mc-donald Children of Bodom stamp. by SelfxblotWithin Temptation by skinnyveestampNightwish II :stamp: by AmblygonApocalyptica by skinnyveestamp Epic Music supporter by LordPendragonOfCariaGreen Day - 21st Century Stamp by josephhaubertChildren of Bodom [stamp] by GothicNaiNightwish [stamp] by GothicNaiAlexi Stamp II by whatshername13Men With Long Hair by SteamprincessMayhemMetal From Finland Stamp by XxXPrincessIzzyXxXI love Finnish Metal by SteamprincessMayhem++ Machinae Supremacy - Stamp by dimruthienJeffree Star Stamp by photographygrlTori Amos Stamp 6 by Giggle-MonsterThe Birthday Massacre by AineMuirghealHalestorm-Stamp by xBlazingStar94xGaga heart stamp by OhsheisGaga: Emile Autumn : by DoctorMLolimarilyn002 by taintedstampsElectronic Dance Music stamp by TheBourgymanTrance Addict by eeronIn Flames Stamp by toslayadragonMetal is my soul stamp by lapis-lazuriBlue Stahli Stamp by AraktugageBlue Stahli Stamp by xXEclipseTheCatXxLooooovvvvveeee by SiogaAgusArrachtaighKlayton + chp4 by squibliklay + bret by squibli

What Hetalia Nordic Country are you?
What Hetalia Nordic Country are you?
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What Part Of The Military Would You Be In?
What Part Of The Military Would You Be In?
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What Is Your Anime Eye Color?
What Is Your Anime Eye Color?
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What Type Of Gamer Are You?
What Type Of Gamer Are You?
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That's all. Stay awesome!

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How are you doing? :3
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B-) It sounds like you have a lot going on and you're doing very well.  I am also on the bright side of life--Great job, good money, can't complain OMG MOAR POEMS!  #UmbrellaPharmaceuticalsProspectiveManager 
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